How to Tackle Job Insecurity

How to Tackle Job Insecurity  Has your company recently experienced layoffs? It may be a good idea to draft a plan B.

Is your industry changing? Are you worried about your career? If you’re feeling insecure about your job, a good way to deal with the stress is to get out of the wait-and-see phase.

Here are some tips to help you cope with uncertainty:

1. Update your resume and cover letter. Always have an updated resume and cover letter on hand, no matter what your circumstances. This will help you move into a job search more easily, and you won’t be left suddenly scrambling if an unexpected change occurs. Being prepared can help put your mind at ease and help you respond with positive action instead of worry.

2. Nurture your network. Your professional network is your most important asset when it comes to a job search. Because of this, it is important to nurture it as much as you can and build relationships over time.

Don’t neglect your network. Don’t be afraid to attend events or join a professional association to expand your network.

3. Save money. Always keep an emergency stash to improve your peace of mind while you figure out your next step regarding your career. If possible, save for at least six months of living expenses. Keep spending within certain boundaries. (Retail therapy isn’t the best choice if your unsure about job stability.)

4. Have a good reputation. Don’t slack off or disengage. Use your time to demonstrate the best you’ve got, and remember that your reputation goes with you everywhere, no matter your career path.

Make it a point to show people you are a hard-working employee that anyone would want to work with. Always be professional no matter what circumstance you’re in.

5. Have a plan. Map out your career goals to create a plan regarding your next step towards success. In the event that the company needs to let you go, you’ll be ready. You’ll be able to move on and get yourself out there to find other opportunities waiting for you.

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