How to Modernize your Job Search in 5 Ways

Modernize your Job SearchFollowing job search advice from a decade ago is not the best move you can make as a job seeker. (You may even be sabotaging your chances of getting employed). Make sure to rely on updated job advice to keep tabs on the way things work today.

Here are five things you may want to consider to modernize your job search before the year ends:

Forget the objective. Believe it or not, that resume feature is long outdated. Since it only states what you want instead of what the employer wants, it can make your resume appear out of touch with modern conventions. Instead, focus on what skills and experience you can offer to the company. (In truth, most objectives are too generic to benefit anyone.)

Replace an objective with a profile section stating who you are as a candidate and what makes you stand out among the rest. This will be your chance to explain key facts you want employers to know about you.

Don’t list jobs from two decades ago. Work from twenty years ago won’t strengthen your candidacy today. Since a resume is a marketing document, avoid making a comprehensive list of every job you’ve held.

Don’t use the phrase “references available upon request.” Every employer knows that you’ll be providing references once you ask for them. That’s why there’s no need to mention it in your resume. This will give you more space to include information that’s more important.

Get rid of the sales-iness feel of your resume. This includes sending cookies or using other gimmicks just to get your resume noticed. Avoid language in your resume that sounds canned or like a hard sell.

Forget about pounding the pavement. Showing up at different companies to hand in your resume is no longer essential. You will come across as naïve and annoying to most employers.The majority of job searches now start online, and most companies post openings on their websites. (You’ll also save time and money by submitting applications online.)

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Alan Carniol

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