5 Ideal Industries for Job-Seeking Retirees

Industries for Job-Seeking RetireesAre you a retired professional? Here are five industries that can keep you employed and active.

One-third of the total US workforce will be age 50 and older in 2016. For those not ready or interested in full retirement, here are some industries to consider:

Retail. Let’s face it — Americans love to buy stuff. Retail is a dependable constant, and the retail sector is always hiring due to high turnover and seasonality. Mature employees are more likely to find work if they have a great attitude and excellent customer service skills. Though it may be challenging to learn new technologies, it’s important to be open. Choose a company that will let you think creatively and most interests you. You can choose among book, grocery, office supplies, toys, car parts, pool equipment and other retail stores.

Food Service. If you love food and customer service, you can apply for work at restaurants. The industry is always looking to recruit and keep dedicated, customer-oriented employees. If you think you’re a good fit, feel free to look for openings at cafes, coffee kiosks, local restaurants and chains.

Health care. Home care aides and health aides are both in high demand — and the jobs don’t require a degree. Make sure you are healthy, physically active and patient if you want to venture into this kind of work. You can take advantage of volunteer opportunities in hospitals to determine if either role fits you.

Customer service. Are you looking for a not so physically active role that can still make use of your communication skills? There are many part-time positions available in the customer service industry. You can work as a lobby attendant, ticket taker at an entertainment venue, information desk clerk or even be a phone agent for a travel, product or services company.

Home-based work. Thanks to technology, you can choose to work from home. There are 60 million online (also known as telecommuting) workers today. Make sure to choose a reputable employer. If you’re unsure, check out the company through the Better Business Bureau to know what you’re signing up for. You can also look up employer reviews at Yelp.com and Glassdoor.com. Make sure not to apply to companies without an ethical reputation or those that don’t provide a clear outline of the job description and compensation.

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