5 Things Every Graduate Should Do to Find a Job

Things Every Graduate Should Do to Find a JobA successful job hunt requires a lot of time and effort. Here are five tips to facilitate your search.


Every fresh graduate should know that finding a job is not easy. Here are some important tips to consider when looking for a job:

Revise your resume. Update your resume before handing it in. You’ll need to revise your resume as you build your career. Don’t forget to address the initial questions employers will have. Highlight your accomplishments to-date.

Remember to include your volunteer experience, internships, and clubs and organizations you’ve been active in. This will help you leverage some of the leadership skills on your resume. You can ask a mentor to review and critique your resume. Doing this helps you see other main points of your resume you might have missed.

Invest in interview outfits. To make the best impression, start investing in your wardrobe. Since first impressions really do count, don’t make the mistake of looking drab during the interview.

Go for a professional look by wearing a pair of dress pants and a button-up shirt for men, or a dark skirt or pants and a button-up shirt for women.

Look for a job now. It’s better to start looking for a job before you receive your diploma. Because a job search isn’t a quick process, use your time for thorough research before you submit your resume. Thorough research can help ensure you are a perfect fit for the job before you apply.

Spend time on LinkedIn. You can make use of your network by spending more effort building your connections on LinkedIn. Join groups that cater to your field of expertise.

Prepare. It isn’t easy to land your dream job. You may have to take jobs that don’t require a degree just to pay off your bills before you find work you really love. It may be frustrating at first, but maintain optimism and keep looking for the job that will suit you. Make use of any and all opportunities to build your career.

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