How to Bridge the Skills Gap and Get the Job You Want

How to Bridge the Skills Gap and Get the Job You WantYou may find yourself interested in a job even though you lack the right skills for it. You shouldn’t feel discouraged—The job market is now more welcoming toward people who have broad experience but don’t necessarily match the job requirements.

If you’re looking to move out of your comfort zone, here are some tips that let you utilize your skills to get the job you want:

1. Open your mind. Don’t just limit yourself to one job. Narrowing your options can stall you. There are multiple skills that have broad applications. If you have good communication skills, for example, you can look for jobs related to sales, marketing and more.

2. Use your references to your advantage. Use your references as allies. They can attest to your skills, knowledge, and abilities at work. Make sure to talk to your references before listing them to ensure they can vouch for what you can offer to the company. Explain how your skills can be helpful in your new role, especially if it’s something significantly different from your previous job. When you’re interested in something new, your references may make or break your chances of getting the job.

3. Customize your resume and cover letter. It’s vital that your resume and cover letter be tailored according to the company you’re applying to. Sending a generic document to multiple companies isn’t the best strategy when you’re forging a new path.

The same thing goes for your approach to job interviews. Practice your answers to potential surprise questions during the interview. Explain how your past experiences may be applicable to the position being offered, even if your work history doesn’t match what they’re looking for.

Job markets are dynamic, and new opportunities can arise, especially in a strong economy. Take advantage and be bolder in applying to jobs you really want.

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Alan Carniol

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