How to Jump Start a Stalled Job Search

How to Jump Start a Stalled Job Search Not having any luck finding a job? Perhaps it’s time to try a different approach to increase your chances of finding the right fit.

Most of the time, job applications are met with awkward silence, or rejection. If this is happening to you, you may want to give your job search a few tweaks to receive more positive results.

Here are some job hunter attitudes and actions that need fixing:

1. “I’ll do anything.” Using this line can put you at a major disadvantage. It makes any applicant sound as if they’re desperate to get hired, and it’s self-defeating. It also implies a lack of focus — It’s a sign you may not be looking for the right kind of work.

Try not to apply to every job post you see. Know how to apply to fewer yet better-targeted positions. It is better to evaluate job positions which you can be of value. Limit your applications to those roles.

2. “I just found you online. Can you get me consideration at your company?” Asking a random stranger to vouch for you can be brazenly self-serving and presumptuous. What would you feel if you were in his or her shoes? Sure, LinkedIn can help you meet more people, but that doesn’t mean you can casually ask anyone to help you.

Keep in mind that networking is not just about asking for favors. Use a networking opportunity to get to know people in your target companies and beyond. Once you create a network, make sure to build relationships. It will be easier to help people as you get to know them better.

3. “I really want to work for company X. I’m showing my interest by applying to every new position they post.” This isn’t a smart move. If you do this, you might get the wrong kind of attention. Staffing specialists might think you are not focused enough to build a stable career.

4. “I’ll get a recruiter to get me a job.” If you’re too busy to look for a job, you might think that hiring a recruiter will be the only way to find work. Remember that recruiters work for companies that pay their bills. If you’re lucky, you might be hired if you fit the profile of someone needed by a recruiter’s client.

It’s better to look for a job without hiring a recruiter whenever possible, even if you can only devote a small amount of time to handling the process yourself. Searching on your own helps you improve. You’ll learn a great deal as you go through difficult job search situations.

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Alan Carniol

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