How to Keep Skills Fresh by Telecommuting

How to Keep Skills Fresh by Telecommuting Unemployed or need more hours? You can earn extra money or boost your skill set by working from home. You can use your free time to take on a part-time telecommuting job that can keep your skills fresh and help you earn extra money.

Before taking on a new job, here are some guidelines to consider:

Check company policy. Before looking for a second job, make sure your current employer allows you to do so. Check your employee handbook for guidelines about accepting secondary employment. Some companies may not be open to you taking on a second job. Or contractual restrictions may exist where working for a competitor is prohibited. You can also ask the human resources department for help.

Gauge your time commitment. Know how much time you can devote to your second job. Balance your time properly based on your lifestyle and other commitments.

Define your purpose. What is your purpose in looking for a second job? Do you want to gain new skills or just make extra money? Employers looking for telecommuting workers want applicants with strong skills who can take on the job independently with little oversight.

Be specific. Know the type of job that is best suited for your skill set. Some telecommuting jobs include accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, writing, web design and more. Don’t be upset if you think you don’t have the right skills. You can search for various work-from-home jobs from different categories.

Consider positions for generalists. You can be a virtual assistant if you have great organizational skills, especially if you have a desire for diverse work. Keep in mind that a virtual assistant usually has several administrative responsibilities like creating reports, generating invoices or assisting clients.

Target companies. Monitor the websites of the companies you want to work for to keep yourself updated on openings they may have in the future.

Be careful. Make sure not to get yourself involved in scams. There are a number of fake companies online pretending to hire employees. If the “company” requires that you pay money upfront or through exorbitant fees, research the legitimacy of the company (and any online work opportunity) before you provide any information.

Working from home, you’ll be able to learn new skills and acquire knowledge you may need in the future.

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