6 Ways Pinterest Can Advance Your Career

A Few Ways Pinterest Can Advance Your CareerHere’s how to Pin your way to your best job ever:

LinkedIn is probably one of the most effective social media platforms when it comes to job search. It is a great medium to put yourself out there and get discovered to build your career.

However, do you know that Pinterest can also help you advance your career? Here are some tips on how to make use of it successfully:

1. Get career and job-search advice. Simply use the search bar and type “career advice.” You’d be surprised how many write-ups are available to help you boost your career. You can use the buttons on top of the results page for suggested refinements on your search for “job ideas,” “student,” “resumes,” “work tips” and more.

Feel free to create your own board to easily keep tabs on favorite articles that interest you. This way, you can also enlarge your network while making it easier to access your favorites in one place.

2. Research possible careers. Do a search for careers that interest you in Pinterest. You’ll find many Pins that will give you an idea of what it’s like to work in your chosen field.

3. Pin your own resume. Doing this makesit easier for you and other people to find your resume. You can use words that describe you, or words someone might use for a search. Use important keywords related to your chosen industry.

4. Create interesting boards. Make sure to create boards that will be of interest to other people. You can show your professional expertise with your board and Pin several articles related to your skill set. Keep in mind that your board will appear on Google search results, so it is important to use high-level, relevant keywords.

5. Add Pinterest to your Web browser. It will be easier for you to Pin specific pages on the Internet if you include a Pinterest button on the ribbon of your browser.

6. See what other people are posting. To keep up with trends, make sure to follow what people in your location, profession and industry are posting. This is important in order to be aware of what’s hot and what’s not.

Use Pinterest to your advantage during your job search. You never know when an opportunity could come your way.

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