How to Customize Your Resume Using the Job Posting

Resume CustomizationHundreds of candidates apply for the same positions posted on job boards and websites every day, and employers have become efficient in selecting the best ones among the applicants. They can easily tell which ones are not qualified, or least which ones do not appear to be qualified because they’re lacking something. In most cases, what’s missing usually depends on what is or what is not written on their resume.


Now, if you’re searching for a job and wondering why you haven’t been called by any interviewers, maybe there’s something wrong with your resume. Perhaps you haven’t customized it the right way, and that’s why you’re still waiting for an interview that may never come. So, here are some tips that can help you make important adjustments to your resume so you can ace an interview.

1. Use the right keywords. Review the job posting and look for keywords that are important, and write them on your resume. If, for example, you are applying as a customer service representative, you may include keywords such as account relationship management, customer management, customer retention, order processing, service benchmarks, process simplification, or relationship management. If the job description is about health care professionals, you can write: community service, volunteer activities, healthcare team interactions, clinical skills, or clinical experiences.

2. Integrate the right kinds of skills required. Normally, the required skills and qualifications are included in the job description. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have written within your resume your ability to meet and exceed their expectations. To make your resume more interesting, go beyond what they presume. Here’s an example: If one of the requirements is service delivery, avoid saying that you are a “responsible service delivery person.” Provide some credible details that you are responsible when it comes to this task. Tell them about how you managed to increase customer satisfaction ratings: “Efficient service delivery procedures”; “Improved staff field time by 40%”; “Increased customer satisfaction by 95%.” Include numbers to support your statements.

3. Give prominence to pertinent credentials and education. If a degree is required for the position, then don’t forget to include your credentials and educational achievements on the resume. If you recently obtained a degree or credential which is required, increase your chances by putting it front and center on your resume. If you have an M.B.A., this is a great way to showcase it, so put the degree next to your name at the top of your resume.

4. Provide the information that the employer requests. Review the job advertisement carefully, and list down all the information requested by the employer. When you customize your cover letter, don’t forget to include specific information. If the job ad asks you to write your salary requirements, hours of availability, samples of your works, etc., do so. Ensure that you provide what the employer requests each and every time. This will help strengthen your candidacy.

Always remember that when you are applying for a position, you have to critically analyze and customize your resume; these tips can help you do this. Use the job posting or description to modify and revise your resume. Increase the likelihood that you will receive a phone call requesting a job interview.

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