5 Criteria You Should Consider When Choosing a Resume Service

Resume ServiceYou’ve got the wit, the skills, and the attitude to be the best in the industry you picked, but do you have a resume that will outshine them all? Do you have that one key feature that would help you get the job interview that everyone in your industry is waiting for? You should, but how?


Nowadays, companies are being too sensitive and selective when it comes to finding a candidate that would fit their requirements. Since a lot of job seekers are competing for a single position, whether a newbie or an experienced professional, you’ve got to face  tough competition to land in that job. You’ve got to be the cream of the crop, but how? It’s simple. Ask for help from resume writing services.

Hiring an expert to help you with your resume is quite an intelligent thing to do if you’re not ready to do it yourself. Keep in mind that you’re asking for help because you are determined to get that job. You’ll want to consider some key points that will enable you choose the right person to help you. What should your criteria be? Take a look at these points:

1. Awards and Certificates

For a resume writer to receive credentials and/or certification, he or she must pass exams and demonstrate extensive knowledge and expertise in resume writing. Therefore, make sure that the writers of the company you’re dealing with (who’s going to help you in writing your resume) are certified and credible. Likewise, ensure that the company is a member of at least one of the main professional writing associations.

Another thing you need to consider is the awards the company has gained over the years. The best writers get nominated and, if they’re lucky enough, win. If the resume writing company you’re working with has been nominated for or won an award for writing, then you are surely working with one of the best.

2. Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation

Scams are unavoidable, so make certain that you are working with a reputable firm which is an accredited member of the BBC or Better Business Bureau. You would, of course, want to work with a legal and licensed group, so check it at BBB.org and read the feedback on the company. See their ratings and accreditation information. You have to guarantee their credibility and reliability to safeguard your resume.

3. Attitudes and Services

Before you make a deal with a specific resume writing company, you have to be sure of the kinds of services they offer. Moreover, you have to certify their attitudes and issues. Ask yourself, “Are they a good match for my needs?” If yes, then go on and consider the possibility of hiring them. However, if not, think again about whether you still want to work with them. Some companies only serve clients via e-mails and worksheets, and never talk directly to the client. Some offer a complete telephone consultation with clients to obtain important information and details that are not included on the questionnaire they provided for you to answer.

Nevertheless, check your time frame and see if you still have time to fill out worksheets and questionnaires. If you’re on a tight schedule, spending hours answering these things may not be convenient.

4. Turnaround Time

You have to be aware of their schedules. Resume services have different turnaround times for their documents. There are those who provide a 24-hour turnaround, while there are others with a one-month waiting time. How much time do you need?

If you are still employed and passively looking for a new job, you have a lot of time to wait for your documents. On the other hand, if you are unemployed or a recently graduated job seeker, a resume service that offers an average turnaround time of a number of days to a couple of weeks could be your best option.

5. Samples and Testimonials

Usually, online resume services provide samples of their work on their websites. These samples were made for their previous clients—analyze them and try to determine if they would suit your taste. Don’t just read them; you have to scrutinize them. Imagine you’re shopping for an item you’ve always wanted but there are a lot of models; is it what you’re looking for? Is it what definitely catches your attention? If yes, then go and make a deal with them. If not, find another resume service company.

Also, you should do your research and start reading online reviews about the resume writing company you’re considering. Are there any complaints or testimonials? Type the company’s name into Google and find out what people are saying about them. With the help of the Internet, you’ll be able to gain valuable information regarding previous client experiences, and these will guide you in choosing the best organization to help you.

Aside from these criteria, you may also want to try reaching out to the company by sending them a letter requesting a free analysis of your resume. This will give you an idea of what the company sees in you (e.g., your strengths and weaknesses). Most services won’t review your whole resume. Typically, they will give you comments on areas you need to improve.

Your resume represents you. Choose a resume service that represents you too, and this will make it easier to land a job.

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