Signs that Your Resume is Holding You Back

Signs that Your Resume is Holding You Back Sending out a lot of resumes but not getting positive results? There are some things you can do to tweak your resume and get a recruiter’s attention. A few errors common among many job seekers can damage hiring prospects.

Here are five biggest indicators that your resume is holding you back:

  • Multiple resumes sent out but no interviews. If you’re applying for a few jobs a month and not getting phone calls, your application materials may not be doing you justice. Revisit what you’re handing in before applying for the next job.
  • You’re more valuable than what your resume displays. If you’re sure you can get the hiring manager to make an offer once he interviews you, then your resume is probably not doing its job. Keep in mind that your resume has to grab the attention of a recruiter within a matter of seconds.

Describe the positive results from your most relevant past jobs. Include at least one of your greatest accomplishments.

  • You’re not confident in your resume. Remember to include your successes — preferably any that include numbers and concrete figures. (It’s hard to impress a recruiter with job descriptions.) Always focus on how you contributed to your past (or current) companies’ success as you write up your resume.
  • Lengthy resume. In business, brevity is essential.No one wants to know your work history to the last detail. The ability to determine what information is important and worth including in your resume can greatly help your prospects. Keep your resume to one page whenever possible.
  • When the interviewer seems surprised by some of the information you provide. Make sure any major qualification or achievement is included in your resume, especially if you plan to use it as a talking point during the interview. Undisclosed information can create confusion or a lack of trust. If you’re proud of work you’ve done, mention it in your resume.

When you get rejected, consider checking your resume. Perhaps you may need to correct some information, make it clearer, or choose your words more carefully to help the info stand out more. Never let a mediocre resume be the reason you may be turned down.

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Alan Carniol

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