How to Be Special to Employers

How to Be Special to EmployersEach one of us is special in our own unique way. Utilize your unique abilities and knowledge to grab your employer’s attention.

Have you had a hard time with recruiters? Are they unimpressed with your work? Perhaps you need a better strategy to get yourself noticed in a positive way. To help, here are some tips to consider:

Stop Being Generic

Don’t describe yourself in broad terms; generic vocabulary won’t appeal to a larger audience. When you choose typical terms, some of your best qualities may be downplayed instead of being highlighted. Know what your key strengths are and bring them to the table. Your edge will be used to compare you to other candidates on the list.

Do not let your resume speak for you. Grab any chance to elaborate on your career’s past and future. The interview is your chance to really show who you are. An excellent resume alone is not enough to get the job.

Always Send a Clear Message

Ditch the objective on your resume and replace it with a Professional Summary. Doing this helps focus your strengths and shows what you can do for the company. Convince the recruiter by describing how your skills apply to the specific job you want.

Emphasize that your specialty matches what the company needs the most.

Manage Multiple Specialties

For those who have more than one career direction, you can create multiple resumes depending on the position you are applying for. Doing this increases your chance of getting an interview.

Since you are competing with other applicants, saying you have other skills may ruin your chances of getting an interview. If the company is looking for a highly specific skill set, they could dismiss you over someone who has focused on that area of expertise for a longer period of time, or simply demonstrates it more directly.

If you want to ask about future opportunities, include your accomplishments related to the job description. Let your resume do the work when it comes to matching your skills, then share more about yourself and your experience once you get an interview. (Remember not to focus on secondary qualities that are not useful for the company.)

The bottom line is—know how to make your experience and skills fit the job description as much as possible. Doing this increases your chances of getting an interview and the job itself.

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Alan Carniol

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