Sep, 2015

How to Stand Out in a Job Interview

How to Stand Out in a Job Interview Having the right skills and background is not enough to earn the job, especially if there are other candidates with the same credentials. Learn how to best grab the recruiter’s attention to separate yourself from the pack.

No matter how amazing your background is, you must always be prepared to face the competition. If you are fighting for a position with a handful of qualified and talented candidates, bring your a-game.

Here are some tips to help when the competition is tight:

1. Show your self-awareness. Questions about your weaknesses can throw you off. However, you can use these questions to your advantage by talking about your awareness of your flaws. Once you do that, steer the conversation professionally by expressing that you are open to learning and developing more skills to overcome your weakness. (Be sure to choose a weakness that you have a genuine strategy to overcome.)

2. Draw a mind map. If you find it difficult to answer competency questions, draw a mind map. You can actually use it during your interview. Put the competency in the middle of the paper and think about when you’ve used it. Discuss the competency with your employer as you’re drawing the map.

3. Make use of your contacts in the industry. This is a part of the preparation stage,and getting to know the company inside out. If you happen to know someone working in the same industry, ask your contact questions to get information. Knowing more about the field you are applying for will give you more confidence in answering questions.

4. Don’t ask your interviewer anything obvious. Before asking a question, make sure the answer you’re looking for is not found on the company’s website. Instead, ask questions that can help sell your skills and abilities effectively to the recruiter.

5. Show more passion in the interview. This is helpful, especially if you don’t have enough experience. Talk about other experiences you’ve had in the past that will highlight your skills and capabilities. Doing this increases your chances of being viewed as the perfect fit for the position you are applying for.

6. Prove that you can solve problems. Even if you think you aren’t the most qualified candidate, you can still get ahead by focusing on what skills you can bring to the role. Don’t be intimidated, even if you think you’re up against better candidates for the job.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to present yourself well during the interview, no matter how qualified the other candidates are. Best of luck!

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