Tips and Tricks: Writing a Web Designer Resume

Writing a Web Designer ResumeWriting a resume for a web designer position can be a real challenge. It’s difficult to communicate your creativity and knowledge of web strategy within the standard resume format. Know the basics of drafting a resume and find out how to help your experience and skills stand out.

Here are some tips to consider:

Focus on Results

Always display a passion for results, even if you don’t always have a passion for the work. Naturally, user experience, typography and graphics are all vital to your work. But the results of your work are what matter to potential employers. If you need help clarifying the results of previous projects, you can talk to past employers or clients and tell them that you’re interested in understanding the impact of your designs. That knowledge can build your resume.

Write a Powerful Summary

Your introduction should be strong; the first half of the first page is the most important part of your resume. Include details describing how your designs get results — provide concrete numbers wherever you can. Since most recruiters take in a resume with one quick glance, use the first-half-page guideline to your advantage.

Link to an Online Portfolio

Let your work sell your experience and skills. Make sure your portfolio is easy to review and can be understood quickly. (You can use Behance if you don’t have your own website.) Include your best designs — the ones that have generated amazing results for clients. Make sure your links stand out.

Make your Resume Look Great

Use your good taste and style when designing your resume. No need to be overly formal or fancy; as you know, great style uses restraint. Don’t get creative to the point that it is detrimental to your sales message. As long as your resume demonstrates that you can lay out a page with finesse, you’ve given yourself an edge.

Include Keywords

List all the software you’ve worked with in your resume. It will be screened for your technical and design skills. Don’t forget to include any other applicable programs you use and the design skills you have. All this increases the chance of your resume reaching the hiring manager. Let your skills shine through, and expand on them during the interview.

These tips should help you take your resume to the next level. To create a fantastic resume, all you have to do is focus on the right elements.

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