How Not to Let A Period of Unemployment Ruin the Interview

Period of Unemployment Have you been unemployed for the past couple of months? If so, what have you been doing? Whether you’re going to interviews or not, it is important to remember that the longer you’re out of work, the harder it is to get a job. Because of this, it is vital to make use of your free time and stay as marketable as possible.

The unemployment rate has actually decreased for the past year due to three main factors:

Employers are hiring. Though the pace of hiring can still be improved, companies have work opportunities for those who need jobs.

Baby boomers are retiring. This is good news to all fresh graduates as they are now given the chance to enter the work force and climb the corporate ladder.

Many people have given up hope of being employed again. These people aren’t counted in the unemployment rolls.They have decided that it will be too difficult for them to go back into the workforce, even though many havefamilies they need to support.

To avoid awkward situations in an interview regarding your unemployment, here are some things to put on your agenda:

Continue to be a professional. Being unemployed should not change the fact that you’re still a professional in your line of expertise. Continue your professional growth by staying active in professional organizations, attending conferences and meetings, and keeping up to date with any recent changes to your skill set. Keeping yourself tuned in to new developments in your field makes it easier for you to put yourself out there.

If you have a lot of free time, you can also take online courses and obtain relevant certifications to keep your resume current.

Give back. Of course, you wouldn’t want to appear self-absorbed or self-centered. If you can, help others by sharing some of your knowledge and talents. As a start, you can find people with the same interests in LinkedIn Groups and other social media platforms.

Give writing a shot. If you have talent and a unique perspective, you can pass an article or two to a professional journal. It never hurts to experiment and step out of your comfort zone while you’re still unemployed.

You can also volunteer at non-profit organizations or mentor someone in school. These new experiences will help you keep your spirits up, and you’ll encounter new challenges.Plus, it’s always a good idea to help others in need. Everyone has something to contribute. Don’t be afraid to look for opportunities, whether in your job search or giving of your free time.

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