5 Easy Job Hunting Tips Every Job Hunter Should Know

Easy Job Hunting TipsSearching for the right job takes hard work and patience. If you’ve been searching for a while, how do you best motivate yourself? Here’s how to handle the pressure of job hunting.

Though job hunting can sometimes be fun, it certainly isn’t always. To help keep you sane during the process, here are five tips to consider:

Don’t take it to heart. Before you start looking, you need to accept that the path you’re going to take is full of rejections. If you don’t hear back from an employer, or you have (and it wasn’t something you wanted to hear), move on. Don’t feel bitter or hurt if you hear negative remarks about yourself. Instead, take these remarks as constructive criticism for you to improve.

Be patient. Keep in mind that candidate time is different than employer time. If you’ve been waiting for days for the hiring manager to call, chances areshe might not have read your resume yet. Hiring managers have a lot on their plates on a daily basis, and hiring isn’t necessarily top priority. In this case, it’s best to be patient.

Move on immediately. If you haven’t heard anything from the company,don’t procrastinate.Start looking for other job openings right away.Give yourself peace of mind and keep going.

Don’t speculate, and stop reading clues. If you’re in an interview, don’t try to read your prospective employer’s actions, especially if you don’t know how to read signals. Don’t ever assume that you’re going to get the job, even if you feel like it seems obvious. If you do assume, and things go the other way, you’re not helping your psyche.

Stay away from people who pressure you about your job search. It’s nice to have friends that are concerned about your employment status. However, some well-meaning people can become annoying, and can get on your nerves every time they ask for updates. If they’re overly persistent, tell them kindly that you’ll update them when you can.

These simple tips may come in handy once you find yourself in the unemployment bubble. Keep up your search and stay optimistic.

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Alan Carniol

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