How to Take Control of Procrastination Before It’s Too Late

Take Control of Procrastination Sometimes, it seems easier to delay working on projects until the deadline is just around the corner. But this isn’t always an effective strategy if you want to be successful on your career path.

 To combat procrastination, here are some tips that can help:

Focus on the consequences. Delaying work makes it harder to be more productive during the week. You might end up missing a deadline, handing in poor quality work, or, letting someone down — without your even realizing it. Procrastination may affect your professional image and even your personal life. Weighing the consequences can help you start working (and keep going).

Complete your tasks one by one. Since it can be difficult to get started, convince yourself to sit down and work for a small amount of time. Just getting the work going makes everything easier. At some point, you may stop and realize that you’re already halfway done!

Set personal deadlines. Don’t rely on the deadline that was given to you. Instead, set your own deadline, days ahead. Figure out how much time you’re going to need to finish the wholetask. Doing so spares you the stress of cramming at the last minute.

Don’t strive for perfection. It’s harder to get started if you’re aiming for perfection.You can have high standards, but the truth is that perfection doesn’t exist. Simply focus on starting the project, then, spend some time revising your work to deliver great results. Prioritize so that you can do your best work at that moment and set procrastination aside.

Team up with a friend. If you know someone who also struggles with procrastination, help each other solve the problem. You can check on each other and each other’s progress from time to time to make sure you’vekept to your obligations.

Commit to deadlines. Even if there wasn’t a deadline attached to the project, strive to set one in order to boost your(and your team’s) productivity rate. Just make sure you have the ability to follow through — the goal is to avoid being branded as a procrastinator.

Set rewards for yourself. Tell yourself thatyou can watch another episode of your favorite TV series once your first task is completed. This will make it easier for you to motivate yourself to get the job done. And you’ll have earned some downtime forcompleting the task.

Getting rid of procrastination requires hard work. The fact that you’re reading this article is a start. Carry on! Eliminate procrastination, and you’ll find that success is just around the corner.

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