10 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence and Step Up Your Game

Boost Your LinkedIn Presence Watch meaningful connections pour in by giving your LinkedIn profile a makeover.

Finished setting up your LinkedIn profile? Now that it’s complete, you may want to bring your game to the next level.

Here are 10 things to consider:

Exploit networkable moments. Networking is a good thing, especially when people experience professional change or reach a milestone. Don’t ignore birthdays on LinkedIn — they can stimulate a conversation.

Keep track of your profile views. If you have a low number of views, strive to boost your visibility and draw people toward you. Edit your profile to present more information about yourself, and post updates more often. Make sure your profile is complete to increase your chances of showing up in other people’s searches.

Identify yourself. Include your name and email in your summary so that it will be easier for people to contact you. Coming across a profile with no contact information can be a letdown, especially if a recruiter thinks you’re the perfect candidate for a job.

List your skills. This is an opportunity for you to list up to 50 different skills, types of software, etc. that you’re knowledgeable and proficient in. If 50 is too many, consider listing those skills that are relevant to the job post you are applying for.

Add relevant files to your profile. You can upload pieces about yourself and your accomplishments in different formats including PDF, Word, Excel, and others. You can also upload pictures, sound files or a voice recording to be creative.

Contend with age discrimination. Include your dates for degrees earned and become visible in your contemporary alumni network. You can rekindle old relationships and even benefit from their referrals.

Recommend people you respect. Think of people you’ve worked with in the past and link with them. This is an opportunity for you to show how strong you are as a team member, capable of adding real value in the future.

Keep up with news, people and companies. Follow different people in order to learn what people and companies that you have an interest in are up to. This will help you personalize a cover letter and tailor your resume to meet their needs and expectations.

Take advantage of groups. Feel free to join as many groups as you like on LinkedIn, and make it easier for others to find your profile and increase your chances of being recruited.

Organize your connections by using tags. You can apply different tags and label connections depending on your membership level. Make use of these tags to keep track of your network.

Take care of your connections by strengthening your relationships in your network. Always be thoughtful, and increase your chances of being hired.

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Alan Carniol

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