Four Things that Ruin a Job Search

Mistakes in Job SearchIn a perfect world, everyone has a job that they love and that pays well. In the real world, though, most people change jobs a number of times in the course of their career. In between jobs, there is no way to know exactly how long it will take for you find a new job. There are things that job seekers do, however, that ruin the job search.

Not applying for a job because you think you won’t get the job

Most people would advise you to focus on job openings where your skill set is a perfect fit for what the job requires. However, there are exceptions when employers try hiring someone who can clearly do the job, but with different skills. If your gut feeling tells you that you are capable of doing the job and you think that you have something you can bring to the table, take your chances.

Thinking that your resume is not good enough

When you obsess over details too much, you waste time. Set a specific number of times that you will re-check and rewrite your resume. If you don’t stop obsessing over the details of your resume, it may lead you to forget the reason you need it in the first place. When you have checked your resume several times over, send it in.

Being ashamed to tell people about your job search

When everything is going right in your life and then there is a sudden change, sometimes it takes a lot of courage just to tell people about it. Don’t let your fear of disappointing people about not having a job be the cause of not asking for help. There is nothing to be ashamed of; everyone needs help in their time of need.

Assuming that you're out of the running and not following up

After an interview, we can’t help but think about how it went. You may wonder if you gave the right answers or if there was anything that you forgot to mention. You can’t expect every interview to go in your favor, but don’t conclude that you have no chance of being hired until the position is actually filled.

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Alan Carniol

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