Surefire Ways to Kill a Job Offer

Job Offer MistakesEvery job seeker’s dream is a job offer. Receiving an offer is the light at the end of the tunnel—no more submitting a resume or researching a company for an interview. What if the offer was not the one you were expecting? How will you handle the situation? Here are some surefire ways to turn a wonderful situation into a dreadful one:

No Response

Typical job seekers often obsess over checking messages from companies who express interest in hiring them. Anyone who receives an offer and doesn’t respond will show a lack of interest in joining the company. If you receive an offer and feel that you need time to think about, it let them know. An employer will understand and give you time to think about their offer.


In a basketball game, teams are given overtime at the end in the case of a tie. While this might be fun in sports, overtime is not necessarily encouraged in business. When a project is assigned to you, it is expected that you will get it done on schedule. The same applies to thinking about a job offer; there is a limit to how much people can wait. If you take too much time thinking over the offer, they might move on.


There is always something that we want the most, and when we get the second best, we’d rather wait for choice number one than go with choice number two. When the company you want hasn’t extended an offer yet and another gives you one, don’t wait too long. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck without any offers at all.

Too Demanding

Before accepting an offer, you want to make sure that you get the best offer out there. It is understandable that you will negotiate to get what you want. However, there should be a limit to your demands. Understand when enough is enough.

Last-Minute Demands

When a company gives you an offer, it is based on all previous conversations. Make sure that you communicate everything to an employer so that they can consider all of your requirements. If you ask for a significant demand at the last minute, you could jeopardize the job offer.

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Alan Carniol

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