Job Search: Evaluating Your Options

jobofferevaluationThe past few years have seen the highest unemployment rate in decades. Every business, big or small, has experienced the effects of the recession. Countless people have seen their company do well this month and hit rock bottom the next. It only stresses the importance of thinking about your decision before accepting a job offer.

If you are someone who is unemployed right now or employed but looking to change jobs, ask yourself, “How secure would I be with this company?” Before accepting the job, keep in mind that a quick layoff could be the start of a bad downward spiral of your career.

Businesses, like the jobs they offer, are susceptible to certain risks. If you want to avoid making the mistake of accepting a job offer that is likely to fail, there are signs you need to be on the lookout for before accepting a job offer.

Signs of a bad company

Quick employee turnover rate – A job opening is typically due to an employee leaving or promotion. If you are leaning toward accepting a job offer, find out why the vacancy occurred. Talk to the previous employee who held the position (if possible), and ask what happened. If a potential employer or hiring manager declines to let you speak to the person, this is not a good sign.

You feel uneasy – There are just times when our “gut” wants us to say no. Remember those instances when you didn’t follow what your gut told you, and you regretted every bit of it? Trust your instincts, go with what you feel, and if something feels “off” with the company, then perhaps you’re better off without them.

Questions about their reputation – Just like how employers want employees who have a good reputation, as an employee you want to know the reputation of the company you’re considering working for. Do a background check on the company—find out its credit history, sales, and anything else that could affect the security of your future.

As an employee, you don’t want to be a job hopper. Start your job search with the aim of finding a long-term job.

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Alan Carniol

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