Being a Beggar vs. Being a Resource

Being a Beggar vs. Being a ResourceLet's talk about mindset.
Where a lot of candidates go wrong – and we're not just talking about job seekers, but also folks who want a promotion or who want to move into a new industry – they approach hiring managers with a "beggar" mentality.
Here's what I mean by this:

When they're sending an email (or LinkedIn message) to a hiring manager, or as they're walking through the door and into the interview room, their attitude is something like this: "I really want a job. I hope this person will give one to me. Whatever they want me to say to get it, I just need them to approve of me."
What happens?
The hiring manager can sense that you want their approval.
It creates a dynamic where – it almost seems (to him or her) that – they're sitting high on a pedestal with a fist full of cash, and you're sitting on the floor with your hands held out, hoping to get some spare change.
You're an experienced professional, not a beggar.
So you don't want to encourage this kind of dynamic.
It's much better to adopt a "resource" mentality.
When you're sending out an email to a hiring manager, or as you're walking through the door into your next interview, your attitude is this:
"I am *exactly* the kind of valuable resource hiring managers like this want to keep in their back pocket. Let's see if there's an opportunity here."
You're not out to win approval.
You're not out to convince someone to hire you.
Your mission is to figure out what you bring to the table, find hiring managers who have a need for that, and then present yourself as a valuable resource.
You can do this by applying to jobs the traditional way (and crafting your own "go-to" interview answers that demonstrate your value in a compelling way).
Or you can do this by applying to jobs through the side door.
But the attitude is ALWAYS the same:
You're a resource; not a beggar.

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Alan Carniol

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