The Best Way to Fix Job Burnout

The Best Way to Fix Job BurnoutSo -- last week, I asked you to share with me your experiences with job burnout, i.e. how it has affected you, and how you overcame it.
We received more than 700 responses.
Here are some of the recurring themes I read in folks' stories:


Pressure to put in unneeded overtime.
Boredom. Not challenged enough
Exhaustion, being bullied by my manager.
Overworked and under appreciated.
Many deadlines, long hours, 6-7 days per week, no assistance.

This person's response especially got to me:

Being asked to do more and more that wasn't bargained for, but then having no compensation, monetarily, or with time.

I do my work, I do it exceptionally well, but then I'm taken advantage of (walked on) and then that becomes the expectation.

This one too:

Unrecognized accomplishments or recognition for juggling multiple projects at a time, successfully implemented, on time and under budget.

Felt that my contributions and value were taken for granted.

And this one:

Overworked and not being recognised for performance. Wanting to move up in my career but feeling like I was getting nowhere.

If so, then you've probably seen that there's a common theme that runs throughout: job burnout is almost always caused by your work environment.

What made me sad about reading some of these stories is that, more often than not, the only way people were able to fix things and get their mojo back was to quit their job and look for greener pastures.
Yes, there are steps you can take to turn around a bad work situation. But, often times, people reach a "point of no return" where it's nearly impossible to create a positive work environment.
If you're currently stuck in a job where you feel overwhelmed, underappreciated, bored, and burnt-out, then here's my advice for you:
Find another job.
It's the most reliable way to solve job burnout.
Sure, you can stay, and things might get better for a little while. But what I've found through the years is that if an organization has a high-pressure culture that breeds burnout, things quickly go back to how they were before.
Don't waste years of your life working a job that sucks the life out of you.
Especially seeing as there's an ton of solid job opportunities right now.
Take the "hidden" job market for example.
It's where the 85% of jobs you never hear about are filled -- often before they ever make it to a public job board. If you know how to tap into this "hidden" job market, you won't have to stay around in a job that crushes your spirit.         


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