Advancing Through Empty Rooms at Your Job

Advancing Through Empty Rooms at Your JobA lot of the people who have been pushing hard through the year so far are now starting to slow down for the summer.
They’ve worked hard for months, and now it’s “Miller time.”
That’s fine.

Because while other folks “step out,” you can “step in.”
This slower season is a fantastic opportunity to advance your career. While everyone else is taking it easy, you can potentially leapfrog your way to a new pay level.
It reminds me how, back in June of 2007, my boss was planning his wedding:
I had a little time on my hands because it was summer. So, I stepped in and volunteered to take some of his workload off his hands. Everyone else had “checked out” for the summer, and they didn’t notice he needed extra help.
With a simple offer to help him out on a project – while everyone else was taking it easy – I raised my profile and my perceived value.
I kind of “soaked up responsibility,” and it transformed the way my boss thought of me. As a result, he started handing me work that was a level (or two) above my official “pay grade.”
So simple.        

Yet, so effective.        

This is an excellent example of how a shift in strategy can change the trajectory of your job/career. You can start at one pay level and end up at a higher one – only because you decided to take strategic action.
It’s like you’re advancing through empty rooms.
Because so few are willing to make strategic shifts that allow them to step up and move to a higher pay grade. But it’s not difficult to do when you know how, and the slow season is the perfect time to get started.
The nuts and bolts of how to do this are all laid out in detail for you in my Job Success Formula program. While most folks relax for the holidays, you can use the simple strategies in the program to transform your job.

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