Becoming a Successful Boomerang Employee

Becoming a Successful Boomerang EmployeeReaching out to your professional network is very important, especially if you have plans to return to your former employer.

Boomeranging, or returning to your former employer, is not unusual. It is normal for people to go back to a previous job, especially if the situation at another company or the trajectory of a planned career path don’twork out the way originally planned.

Here are some career moves you may want to consider before knocking on your past superior’s door:

1. Leave on good terms. Make sure you leave every company you work for on a positive note. If you plan on leaving a company and there’s a possibility you might want to return, do nothand in your resignation via text or email.Give at least two weeks’ notice.It’s a nice touch to write thank-you notes to your colleagues and former boss as well.

2. Take note of your performance reviews. You may have an edge over other candidates if you decide to go back to your old company. They’re more likely to consider hiring you first before a newbiebecause of your experience with the company.

However, you should make sure that you’ve earned good performance ratings in order to be shortlisted for the position you are applying for.

3. Keep in touch. Make sure to stay in touch with your professional colleagues as much as you can. If you have plans to return to your old company, staying connected to your ex-colleagues can give you an insideperspective on the company’s culture or if anything has changed significantly that you may need to be prepared for.

If you’re thinking of returning to a previous job, reflect on why you left the first time. If your horrible boss is still working in the department you’re trying to get into, it’s likely better to stay away. You wouldn’t want to have to endure a repeat scenario.

4. Showcase what you know about the company. You need to convince them the second time around why they need to hire you, and what made you decide you want to come back. Don’t rely on your past experience; make sure to ace the interview as if it was your first with the company.

Make sure you don’t come off as a know-it-all if you are invited for an interview. Show them how interested you are in going back and how you kept yourself updated while working elsewhere.

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