Avoiding On-Cam Errors During Video Interviews

Video InterviewsAccording to a 2012 Office Team Survey, more than half of recruiters are now conducting video interviews. Job seekers should exert extra effort to ace virtual interviews.

Here are some guidelines to help avoid on-camera errors:

Take it seriously. Being interviewed online is as serious as being interviewed traditionally. Though it seems less formal to talk to someone in front of your computer, it is important to be on your best behavior during the process, as though you were sitting in the recruiter’s office. It is more difficult to build a rapport online versus talking in person. Keep this in mind throughout the interview to improve your chances of getting employed.

Check what’s in the background. Don’t forget to look around the room before the interview. What’s on the wall behind you? If you have an explicit poster or something distracting there, the recruiter may find it hard to focus on you properly. Consider what’s behind you and clear the space beforehand.

Avoid technical problems during the interview.Technical issues will give theimpression that you weren’t prepared or organized enough to test the software and your equipment before the interview. You can’t afford to let the recruiter wait for you to complete your setup, or wait through buffering or bugs. Before the interview, be sure to check if your headset and speakers are working.

Using an unprofessional username is never a good idea. Make sure you use a professional account on Skype when being interviewed online. It doesn’t help to use sweetheart_16 as your username. It won’t make a good impression.

Don’t dress down. Make sure to look your best, even when you’re being interviewed online. Don’t wear something too plain, as it might render differently on screen. Turn on a nearby lamp to give a nice glow to your face.

For women, don’t wear anything too distracting. Wear minimal jewelry and apply more blush or lipstick than normalto avoid looking tired and pale (cameras are always harsh, unlike the human eye). Before the interview, experiment with makeup and clothing and check how you look onscreen.

Here are some additional tips to help:

Make eye contact with the computer. Though it’s tempting to look at the person onscreen, focus on the camera more, as if you’re directly looking at the recruiter on the other end.

Avoid noise distractions. If you need someone to watch your kids during the interview, feel free to hire a babysitter.Keep your pets outside or reschedule any household or lawn maintenance to avoid disruptive noises in the background. It’s never a good decision to conduct video interviews in public places like coffee shops —there’s simply too much noise around.

Adjust your chair to the right height. You don’t want your head to appear cut off onscreen.  

As always, prepare. Just like the traditional interview, researching the company’s background is still essential, along with their values and other important information. Practice your answers aloud to gain confidence.

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Alan Carniol

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