How to Find Job Postings on LinkedIn

Job Postings on LinkedIn In your job search, there are ways to maximize social networking to your advantage. The key is to use it wisely for exposure and networking purposes.

We all know it’s more convenient to look for jobs online compared to classified ads. LinkedIn has made the process more social and interactive, and numerous people consider this social platform helpful when it comes to looking for a job. Here are some ways to use it to find specific jobs you may want to apply for:

Check your updates feed. Once you’re logged in, click the Home menu at the top of the page. In your updates feed, you’ll find several posts that people in your network have recently made. Keep in mind that your feed will continue to change. So don’t forget to check it frequently or you may miss an important post that is relevant to what you’re looking for.

If you find a specific post interesting, you may contact the person who posted it to receive more information. If you’re lucky, you might get a direct in, instead of applying for the job online.

To maximize the use of LinkedIn, build your network with people of the same skills and interests.

Check LinkedIn’s job board. You can check the ads on LinkedIn’s job boards by clicking “Jobs” on the main menu, or select “Jobs” on the drop-down menu on the search field. Feel free to input what kind of work you’re looking for in the search field and click “Advanced” for more filtered results. You can also limit the search results according to levels of connection, the date the job was posted, your experience level, and more.

It’s better to start with a broad search and narrow your options during the process. Before applying directly, you can always network yourself into companies through your connections.

Check job postings within groups. It is best to join groups on LinkedIn if you want to join discussions, jobs, promotions, members, and search. Using this feature will help you gain valuable information and links to position openings that few people know about.

Be careful of what you post in LinkedIn — recruiters may come across your profile at anytime. Don’t forget to optimize your profile, join as many groups as you can, and check your feeds to look for a job that will suit your skills and experience. Remember to include your educational background together with your skill sets when optimizing your profile.

Since LinkedIn is constantly changing, make sure to keep up with new features and format your profile over time.

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