A Simple Way To Stay Sharp

A Simple Way To Stay SharpHere's a simple way to stay sharp while you're looking for a job, increase your confidence, meet interesting people, and even create new opportunities.
(It's something I recommend every job seeker does.)
Volunteer -- i.e. donate your skills and experience to your community.
Here are some different ways you could do that:

First, young start-ups are always looking for more help. This is particularly a great option if you're interested in new technology or business trends.
Second, the website Idealist.org lets you search for volunteering activities that are related to a specific cause, keyword, skill, etc.
Finally, local governments often list volunteer positions on their websites too.
Volunteering is a great way to keep yourself sharp and currently while you're looking for a job. It looks good on your resume, also.
What's more, it's good for your self-esteem -- because it puts you in an environment where you can focus on your skills and what you give.
It's a great way to keep yourself positive during the job search grind, especially if you're going through a temporary dry-spell.
But the best part?
It enriches your life.
You make new friends.
You immerse yourself in new circles.
You're exposed to new ideas.and ways of thinking.
And -- although this shouldn't be your reason for doing it -- volunteering does, once in a blue moon, lead to full-time positions.
So volunteer for something today!

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