What If I’m Just The Same As Every Other Candidate?

What If Im Just The Same As Every Other CandidateHere's a question I receive quite often:
"What if I'm just the same as every other candidate? What if there's no genuine reason why a hiring manager should choose me over everyone else who's also applying for the same job? What if I don't stand out?"
Great question.
This is the most important part of applying to any job -- having a clearly defined Unique Selling Proposition that sets you apart from the competition.

It's not easy.
In fact, it's one of the most difficult things to get right.
Why? Because, more often than not, your most compelling "features" as a job candidate are buried under decades of experience and job history. I'm talking about your unique talents, your signature strengths, and valuable character traits that -- while unique -- you probably take for granted.
You need to dig them out, uncover them, understand them, and frame them in a way that dramatically increases your perceived value.
Here's the honest truth:
You're NOT the same as every other candidate.
No person is.
I've not yet met anyone who was truly a "commodity" employee.
Many thought they were. Many treated themselves as if they were. Many presented themselves to recruiters and interviews as if they were. But none of them actually were. They all had something unique to offer.
That's the bottom line here.
You have something unique to offer.
There's a certain type of hiring manager out there -- right now -- who'd give their right arm to have someone with your unique combination of experience, talents, personality traits, and core strengths join their team.
You need to find them.
And you need to develop a well-defined Unique Selling Proposition that communicates clear as day why you're the employee they're looking for.
There's an entire process for doing that.
It's quite involved, and there are many different research steps that build on each other. It's not the kind of thing I can explain in an email like this.
I take you through the entire process, start to finish, in my Dream Job Formula program. There are multimedia presentations, interactive quizzes, worksheets, and homework assignments. Each step is simple, easy to follow, and intrinsically valuable.
If you follow them all, exactly how I show you in the program, you'll come out the other side with a Unique Selling Proposition that:
(a) Shows you which jobs you're most suited for -- i.e. roles that you not only have the highest chance of being selected for, but also where you'll hit the ground running and produce stellar results quickly and earn your place.
(b) Gives the hiring manager a genuine reason why they'd be crazy to not choose you for the role -- even if there are dozens of other candidates who appear, at least on paper, to be the same as you.
(c) Justifies why you are worthy of a higher salary, and causes a hiring manager to feel dread at the thought of losing you to a competitor.
(d) Sets high expectations, and ensures that your new colleagues treat you with the respect you deserve -- right from the first day.
I don't know about you, but I'd say that's a lot of bang for your buck.
And it's just one game-changer you'll get out of this program.

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Alan Carniol

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