5 Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Right Work Environment

Choose the Right Work EnvironmentTo be an effective worker, it is important to know the ideal environment you should be working in. What environment brings out the best in you?

Effective employees increase the value of a company’s workforce. Those who are emotionally engage with their employer are more likely to inspire the same attitude in their coworkers. But have you ever wondered how to be an asset?

First, you must find out what kind of working environment fits you best. Here are five tips to help:

Know what kind of culture makes you thrive. Do you prefer working alongside a top-down management style or within a company with a hierarchy culture?

Know the kinds of perks that are important to you. According to survey reports, retirement plans, flexible schedules, and job/skills training are the most valued perks. Some companies don’t offer these, while some offer more, like at-will breaks and snack times, and even guided meditation.

Know how you want to be managed. According to research, less than 5 percent of people want to be told what to do, when to do it and how work has to be completed. More than 40 percent of people prefer having a mentor for training. There are multiple management styles. Which fits you best? How much guidance do you need? Consider your level of ambition, personality and values.

Know what size of company you want to work for. You should always take the company’s size into consideration when applying for a job. This information gives you an idea of just how flexible it is and how easily you can adjust to its practices and policies.

Know the kind of workspace that makes you productive. How companies arrange their workspaces can affect employees’ performance. Do you prefer working in an open office, cubicle or shared office?

Get to know company cultures as part of your job search. You can check out websites or look for video testimonials from people who work at different companies. But don’t rely on those tools alone. Once you gather a lot of data, put it all into a larger context before you make a decision.

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