5 Free or Inexpensive Resources that Can Enhance Your Job Hunt

Job Hunt ResourcesRecently, a great number of workers (according to recent polls) have been in the process of deciding whether to change careers or not. Several reports suggest that the current generation is planning to make many career moves throughout their lifetime.


Moving toward a major change can be a very difficult and disheartening task. Who knows what will happen after making the big leap? So here are some resources that can help you to enhance your search for a new job.


Joining meet-ups can help you find groups of people in your area who have the same interests as you. You’ll be talking about almost any subject or any topic, including career-related and professional matters. Meet-ups can help you build networks, and networking is the best way to find a job.

2. LinkedIn

The world’s largest professional social network with over 225 million members, more than three million company pages, and over one and a half million groups, LinkedIn has become the number one online hotspot for professionals who want to connect through common interests.

There are special offers wherein you can upgrade your account to a premium one and it’s not too expensive, but you can still accomplish a lot even with a free account.

3. Career Services Office

Advice from campus experts (when you’re in college or even when you’re a graduate) can help in finding the right kind of job for you. Schools and universities offer this type of service by hiring employees who will provide career counseling, career and professional development events, and career opportunities by connecting with recruiters or headhunters.

4. Occupational Outlook Handbook

A project of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this handbook is a thorough and comprehensive guide to careers of all kinds which is free for anyone to use. You can search for careers by industry, median pay, or projected growth rate. Every career has a profile page that includes information regarding what to do, how to become a worker in that field, and similar jobs that are related to a particular occupation.

5. Tweetchats

Just like meet-ups, tweetchats are another way to widen your network, only they take place on Twitter. Tweetchats are scheduled conversations that occur every week at a specified date and time. Forums are often hosted and moderated by someone who has a passion for that certain topic.

With a low cost or no cost at all, you can enhance your job search with these methods. Why not try them today?

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