How to Find a Job Using Twitter

How to Find a Job Using TwitterLearn how to utilize Twitter to find a job you’ve dreamed of.

Twitter flies under the radar as a tool for success, but you can maximize its job search power in 140 characters or less.

Why is Twitter So Effective?

Since it’s easy to send short messages to large audiences, you can use Twitter:

1. To Find Hidden Job Leads

You can find hidden job leads by following certain accounts that are related to your field, or organizations you’d like to work for in the future.

Once you have set up a Twitter account, keep up with the tweets from the companies you’ve followed. Odds are they will be tweeting about new developments regarding their hiring trends, company expansions and more.

Feel free to join a conversation when it’s about something related to your field. You can share your past experiences and get to know people in the same industry.

Make use of hashtags. These will be your guide in finding job opportunities related to your expertise.

2. For Networking

When it comes to networking on Twitter, it’s important to be someone with content worth following in order to grow your network successfully.

To help keep your feed worth reading, you can share tips and industry news, answer industry-related questions, and share informative links.Be active in posting. Share your thoughts and points of view related to your profession.

3. For Researching Companies and Interviewers

You can get to know a lot of relevant people and businesses when using Twitter by following people who work for the organization. You can get an idea of the work environment in their companythrough what they’re sharing.

4. To Get to Know the Interviewer Before the Interview

If you know the name of the person conducting the interview, you’ll have an advantage. You can view his or her tweets to gain a personal insight about the person who holds your employment fate.Plus, you may find something you have in common which can help you break the ice and make the interview process easier.

5. Improve your Personal Brand

The more you grow your network, the more the building of your personal brand becomes even more significant. You will be able to see more career opportunities coming your way as long as you keep yourself on watch for job openings posted on Twitter.

These tips should help you maximize the use of Twitter’s unique platform in order to get yourself employed.

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