Unusual Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes in the InterviewWe can all recall a specific moment in our lives when we had an especially bad case of butterflies in our stomach. Stuttering through a speech, slipping in front of everyone or staring into space—all of us had that nerve-racking moment that we can never forget.

Without a doubt, a job interview can make us feel this way. Our judgment can become clouded with pressure and excitement, leading to embarrassing decisions and mistakes that were never supposed to happen.


Since we are all human, making mistakes is perfectly normal. However, there are some slip-ups that are tough to recover from, and they can send the wrong signals to the interviewer.

Some mistakes listed below are so ridiculous that hiring managers will find them difficult to comprehend. Not all mishaps are caused by nerves; some applicants come in unprepared, not knowing how uncomfortable it can be during an interview.

  • Bringing a “how to interview” book to the interview.
  • Saying unflattering things about the way the interviewer is dressed.
  • Laughing hysterically after the interviewer has said something completely serious.
  • Asking the interviewer the name of the company.
  • Taking one’s shoes off while answering the interview questions as if nothing unusual is going on.
  • Boasting to the interviewer about one’s promptness after showing up 10 minutes late.
  • Asking to take a sip of the interviewer’s coffee.
  • Referring to oneself in the third person when answering questions.
  • Repeatedly using curse words.
  • Telling the interviewer that the job posting isn’t worth getting up early or starting the car for.

Could you imagine these things happening in real life? You might be surprised—even the most ridiculous situations can happen in a job interview.

On the other hand, there are also some less ridiculous—but nonetheless significant—mistakes that job hunters often commit:

  • Texting during the interview.
  • Coming to the interview dressed informally.
  • Constantly talking about previous coworkers in a negative light.
  • Not smiling or making eye contact.
  • Describing one’s skills and credentials without knowing how these can benefit the company.

To avoid the awkward and embarrassing situations, prepare and practice days before the interview so as to have a good impression. Confident and well-prepared applicants tend to be more relaxed and concise, leaving less room for error.

Doing research about the company’s background and being able to connect it with your skills and talents will definitely help job seekers to ace that next interview.


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Alan Carniol

Alan is the creator of Interview Success Formula, a training program that has helped more than 80,000 job seekers to ace their interviews and land the jobs they deserve. Interviewers love asking curveball questions to weed out job seekers. But the truth is, most of these questions are asking about a few key areas. Learn more about how to outsmart tough interviewers by watching this video.