7 Things Not to Do Before Your Job Interview

Things Not to Do Before Your Job InterviewWhat you do before the interview can affect your performance during the interview. Know the basic do’s and don’ts to avoid letting your nerves take over.

Here are seven things you need to know to avoid getting the cut:

Not researching the company. Hiring managers pay attention to those candidates that have done their homework ahead of time. It is important to learn the basic facts about the company by browsing the company’s website. Once you can speak intelligently of them and the work they do, you’ll do just fine.

Not checking out your interviewers on LinkedIn. To establish a great rapport, give yourself an advantage and learn something about your interviewer before you talk to him or her in person. You’ll likely find relevant information that will help you establish a connection.

Not checking if you have any connections in common. Finding someone you know who is connected to the company you are applying for can be a great help. Perhaps you can learn something about the company’s culture and key players to help boost your confidence.

Not practicing your answers. You may have an idea how to answer the questions that will be thrown at you. However, not drafting practice answers is not in your best interest. It is important to articulate your thoughts in an organized way to avoid stuttering during the interview.

Not exerting effort to find the best way to answer the question that concerns you the most. If there’s a topic you’re hoping won’t come up in the interview, make sure to figure out how you’ll answer if it does. It’s better to face a challenge head on rather than not even trying.

Not preparing for the salary talk. A lack of preparation can cause you to lowball yourself or say something that will harm you in salary negotiations later. Conduct salary research ahead of time and come with numbers that the market supports.

Not asking questions. An interview requires at least two people. Be sure to ask questions! This is a chance for you to find out if you’re the perfect fit for the job. You can clarify information about the role, workload and office culture as a place to start.

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Alan Carniol

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