How to Look Interview-Ready as an Intern in 4 Ways

Look Interview-Ready as an Intern Dressing up for the job boosts your chances of getting employed.

Whether you’re looking for an internship or looking to move from intern to employee, you need to look the part.


 There are four tools you may want to invest in

Hair Products. Well-groomed hair is one of the first things an interviewer notices. It is important for you to select a hairstyle that looks respectful and will gain positive attention.

Research what company representatives are wearing. You can look at the careers sections of employer websites to get an idea how employees convey their appearance.

Shoe Polish. Unblemished shoes display attention to detail. Since your shoes will always be visible, make sure to polish them well to convey a professional image. Check if there are scratches you may need to cover with a Sharpie.

Jacket. You'll always relay a professional image with a well-fitting jacket. A nice jacket also makes a strategic statement. Make sure you can button it comfortably and that it has minimal pull when sitting down.

Check the sleeves for the right arm length, and don’t wear a jacket that’stoo large to avoid a drab appearance. As for the color, choose one that is currently on trend within the industry or the profession you are entering. Choose a subtle, attractive fabric that can catch the interviewer’s attention (nothing loud, bold or revealing— you don’t want your style to backfire).

Clean shirt. Make sure your shirt fits properly when sitting and standing. Try it on together with your whole outfit and check if your undershirts or garments are showing (something you want to avoid during an interview).

Dry clean your shirt to get rid of food, coffee and sweat stains. Iron your entire outfit. If you’re thinking of wearing a wrinkled shirt under your jacket, don’t. You may encounter a situation where you have to remove your jacket.

Look your best in order to succeed. Though it may take some effort to work through the details, it’s worth it to find the right job with the right employer.

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