Interview Questions: In what ways do you raise the bar for yourself and others around you?

Interview Questions TeamworkEvery jobseeker should be able to answer this question. It’s a gauge for hiring managers to determine how much of a team player a candidate may be.

Raising the bar may appear easy, but creating the necessary initiative isn’t always so simple. Setting higher expectations ultimately helps employees to do a better job, and increases positive results for the organization at the same time. Here are some tips you may want to consider:

Raise the bar for yourself. Before you start raising the bar for others, set the bar first for yourself. This will make the job easier when everyone in the organization knows what to expect.

Learn to communicate. Employees can adapt to change. Success lies in communication. Let your colleagues understand how their efforts will benefit them and the organization. In most cases, colleagues are more than happy to accept the challenge to perform at higher levels.

Support.You now know that to take initiative, you need to set the bar for yourself. But you also need to support the continued growth and development of the team to give them more confidence as they stretch their abilities. This will make your colleagues feel more fulfilled as their skills are sharpened and they develop into more capable employees.

Know your priorities. When it comes to raising the bar, it is important to assess responsibilities and know what comes first. Prioritize.

Reflect from your past experiences. If you’re finding it difficult to raise the bar, look back on your own career. Did you have a boss that raised the bar for you? If so, how did he or she do it? Perhaps you can pick up a few tips from that experience to help you plan, focus and prioritize.

Think of the results. Share your experiences with others regarding how your job satisfaction and performance improved with greater challenges. This will be motivation for your employees to strive for themselves.

The tips listed above should help you draft a solid interview answer. Don’t forget to be sincere and apply your own experiences.

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