Interview Question: What makes a good team leader?

What makes a good team leaderThis is often asked by hiring managers to give them an idea how much of a team player you are, no matter what role is given to you. Do you have excellent leadership skills? Or are you more of a follower? Whatever your desired role may be, you must be able to answer this question professionally.

There are several characteristics that make up a strong leader. Your answer should have a positive impact to let your image shine.Here are some characteristics every good leader should have:

Rational Decision-Making Abilities. This is often the most important characteristic that a team wants in a leader. A leader needs to be levelheaded in terms of making decisions — this can make or break the team’s work or even their careers. Decisions should not be impulsive.Care and caution are important to avoid negative results.

Leading from the Inside. If you are a leader, don’t expect to lead your teammates without being involved in the project yourself. Don’t act as if you’re too high above them; you must know how to blend in to allow your teammates to put forth their best effort in making projects successful.

Setting Limits Between Personal and Professional Life. A good leader respects the personal lives of the team,no matter how they perform at work. Though it’s quite difficult to set a line between the two, knowing how far you can go personally and professionally is definitely a gift.

Setting Examples. A good leader can implement a rule as long as he himself follows it. As the saying goes, practice what you teach. If you want your teammates to perform, do it yourself for them to see. This gives you the respect you need as a leader. Besides, who wants to follow a leader when he himself is not willing to do the work?

Knowing When to Forgive (But Not Forget). A good leader should be able to forgive the mistakes of his teammates, no matter what the outcome. However, this doesn’t give you license to forget their mistakes and allow them to commit the same errors again. Make them realize what they’ve done wrong and ensure improvement going forward. Don’t take it to heart and keep it on a professional level.

Using Cohesive Force. It is the responsibility of a good leader to make sure that teammates are on good terms with each other. If not, expect your team to fail and bring negative feedback. Make sure you create an environment where everyone is comfortable with each other and there is a healthy working relationship.

The tips listed above will help clarify your thoughts on what makes a good team leader. If you haven’t been one, and you want to prepare for this interview question, consider these tips to help you draft an answer, ace the interview, and improve down the line.

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