Interview Question: What tools or habits do you use to keep yourself organized?

Organizational SkillsThis question is usually asked to let the recruiters know how organized you are as a person. Instead of asking if you are an organized employee, asking this question lets the potential candidate prove and explain their organizational skills.

To help you answer this question professionally, here are some tips to consider:

Evaluate. Be honest with yourself. How organized are you as an employee? Do you go beyond the extra mile to get the job done? Do you always cram at the last minute when doing an important project? Before knowing what tools or habits you have as an employee, you must determine if you’re organized in the first place.

If you are not, then it’s probably about time to start being one. Getting hired requires being organized, no matter what industry you are in. It’s never too late to take action, until you’ve stopped hoping for the better. Learning how to be organized day by day is a great way for you to know how to prioritize things.

Provide proof. What makes you say that you are an organized employee? Anyone can easily craft an answer to let the recruiter believe that he or she is organized. To avoid misunderstanding, it’s better to share your past experiences that makes your detail oriented skills into focus. However, try not to boast about it. Instead, think of it as if you’re in a conversation, telling a casual story to someone you know. This will make it easier for recruiters to know how humble you are as an employee

Know your tools and habits. Figure out how you keep yourself organized. Do you use an electric calendar? Perhaps you like prioritizing things with your own planner. How often do you use these tools? Do you have a game plan in mind whenever taking on a big task? List down all the tools you use and habits you have when prioritizing. In this way, your recruiter will have an idea how much organized you are as a person.

Have the confidence. Whenever asked of this question, it is important to feel confident about your trait of being organized. Let’s face it, not all people are born organized. Some are just too detail oriented that they can’t help but prioritize to do better at work. It is important to feel good about this trait but know the limits of when to stop boasting about it. Try to be humble and show the recruiter how your skills can benefit the company.

Being organized doesn’t happen overnight. It is a way of life that has been instilled at such a young age. If you think you’re falling behind, don’t lose hope. You can still try and exert effort to be organized one day at a time until it becomes a habit. If it’s a success, then employment shouldn’t be so hard after all.

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Alan Carniol

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