Interview Question: What Do You Expect from a Supervisor?

Supervisor Interview QuestionWhenever you’re going into an interview, it is important to anticipate this question, since it tends to come up as a test for most applicants. Sometimes, job seekers just want too much from their supervisors. To increase your chances of getting employed, here are some tips to draft a professional answer.

Be realistic. Wouldn’t it be great to have a supervisor as your best friend? As great as it sounds, this shouldn’t be the case. Think about what you really expect from a supervisor on a professional level.

Be humble. Don’t say something that will tarnish your reputation during the interview. Avoid being defensive, and demonstrate that you have an understanding of what good management is. If you do have a clear understanding of what makes a good manager, expect the recruiter to be impressed.

Focus on the good qualities. Badmouthing should never happen. Ever. Instead, look for positive qualities in the supervisors you’ve had over the years. No matter how much you may have disliked them, there is surely at least one trait that made you see them in a positive light.

Make a list. Once you have that list of positives, grab a pen and write them down on a piece of paper. Writing makes it easier for you to organize your answers. If you skip this step, there’s a chance you’ll end up repeating yourself.

Don’t answer as if you were mistreated. If you had bad experiences with your supervisors in the past, keep it all to yourself. It’s better not to badmouth your past superiors, especially if you’re trying to get a job. If you do, the recruiter might think you’re not professional when it comes to handling internal affairs.

Have the mind of a team player. Figure out how a team player should act or think. Doing this illustrates realistic expectations for your potential supervisors.

Rehearse. Once you draft your answer, try rehearsing it with a friend or by yourself to make you feel more comfortable answering the question. Don’t memorize your lines; the goal is to sound natural.

One last tip — don’t forget to smile during the interview. No matter what happens, you can never go wrong with a smile on your face.

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Alan Carniol

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