Interview Question: Are you willing to relocate?

Interview Question LocationAre you willing to relocate? is a typical interview question for a lot of companies. If you are asked this one, do you know what to answer? Are you willing to make a major decision that will change your life? If you tell the recruiter no, do you lose your chances of getting the job? Here’s a simple guide to help you answer this question professionally.

Answering Yes

If you are willing to relocate, say so. However, make sure you sound sincere, flexible, tactful and reasonable when answering. Keep in mind that the recruiter is not asking you to move right away. Consider the prospect of relocating. If you need time to think about it, be honest.

If you want to answer yes immediately, you have to make sure you stay true to your word. Don’t just say yes to impress the recruiter during the interview. Once you do get the job and your manager starts making plans, waffling won’t bode well.

Perhaps you’ve had experience relocating for past jobs. You can share this experience with the recruiter to let him know that you are willing to relocate when needed. This is definitely a plus, especially if the company is looking for someone who can move to a different city.

Answering Maybe

If you’re not willing to relocate at the moment, but don’t want to miss out the opportunity for employment, then you can always answer “maybe.” Perhaps you can’t leave your family, or the idea of the move seems like a big step. You can always tell the recruiter that you’d consider moving as long as it will enhance your career goals. This kind of answer doesn’t provide a definitive yes or no, but it stresses the point that you take your career seriously. It may be the safest answer to give during the interview, but it’s often the most believable.

Answering No

If you know that moving isn’t an option, don’t be afraid to tell the recruiter. However, if you choose to do so, you must give an acceptable reason why. Remember that a “no” can turn into a “yes” in a couple of months. It’s important not to close the door as soon as you hear the question.

Whatever your answer is, be honest and tell the recruiter how you feel about relocating. Don’t ever answer by implying that you’re willing to move as long as the company throws you a lot of money to cover expenses. (Your opportunity to win the job will be lost.)

These pointers should serve as a guide to help you convey your answer in a positive way. Be sure to remain professional throughout your interview.

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Alan Carniol

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