Interview Question: How do you stay focused while doing a simple, repetitive task?

Doing Repetitive TasksNo matter how hideous or boring a task may be, you are still expected to get the job done. If you find the task too repetitive, all you have to do is focus in order to avoid making mistakes. If you feel like you’re dying to finish the task, you can condition your mind for the most simple and repetitive work.

When you’re bored at work, chances are you’ll be committing more errors along the way. This is always the case, especially if you are not focused enough. To avoid this, challenge yourself to be more efficient, no matter how simple the task. Doing this helps you get rid of negative thoughts and helps time go faster.

Evaluate your workload. Create a checklist of what you have to accomplish in a day. Prioritize and finish the most difficult tasks before going to the easy ones. It’s better to start working on the harder tasks when you’re fresh, rather than dealing with them when you’re too tired or fatigued. Don’t be afraid to try out new strategies in order to work more efficiently.

Set a deadline. Be disciplined and do your best to finish the entire workload before the deadline. You can use an online calendar to keep yourself up-to-date or even set alerts on your smart phone. In this way, you’ll be more acquainted with the tasks that are given to you, which will ensure timely completion.

Compete against yourself. Don’t allow yourself to slack off, especially if you find the task too boring. This will help motivate you to complete more work in less time. However, don’t rush things — then you’ll end up repeating the task due to mistakes.

Take breaks. If you’re stuck sitting in front of the computer all day, remember to take short breaks to keep your mind alert until the last minute of your working hours. You can take short walks outside, eat a snack or do something that interests you to keep yourself aware. Exercise helps since it keeps you alert and focused.

Improve your working environment. If you have a station of your own, make it as attractive as possible and get rid of the clutter piling up on your desk. To avoid feeling sleepy, adjust lighting and temperature. If it helps, you can play music that will help you focus.(Just remember not to play something too distracting for your workmates.)

Modify the order of tasks. This will help you feel more interested in getting the job done since it will feel less like a routine.

Answering this interview question well will help the recruiter understand how organized you are in getting the job done. These tips should be able to help you accomplish more and stay focused at the same time (especially if you’ve been dreading working on certain tasks for a long time).

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