Interview Question: Describe your career goals.

Describe your career goalsIf you’ve gone to a number of interviews, describing your career goals shouldn’t be a problem. But how do you know if you’re answering this question properly? It’s important to state your career goals clearly, without sounding too vague or disorganized.

When describing your career goals, think about the impact of your decisions at the time you made them. Some career choices may have come about by chance. Though it isn’t wrong to grab the opportunity, always keep in mind that your bosses require you to make the right decisions as a reliable employee.

Here are some tips to help you explain your career goals clearly, without potentially being misunderstood:

Be precise. Describe your career goals as clearly as possible. Though it’ll be difficult to come down to small details, strive to be more specific to get your point across. Though some adults midway through their careers may find this difficult, you should have an idea of what types of jobs you find interesting, or too demanding.

Focus on a specific industry. Choose a line of work that most interests you. In order to succeed, you must have the passion to do well. The right choice will make it easier to motivate yourself, especially if you encounter tough situations along the way.

Draft your preferred job description. List the tasks and responsibilities you prefer to have within the industry of your choice. Have a clear idea of the role you want to play — this will make it easier for you to picture your career goals precisely.

List what you want to achieve. Creating a list will help you focus on your career path even more. However, don’t be too idealistic in the event that your goals don’t manifest exactly as planned. Consider choosing an industry that will still allow you to spend time with your family and pursue your personal interests.

Know the level of responsibility you can handle. No matter how reliable you are as an employee, always set boundaries for how much responsibility you can handle. You can’t deal with multiple things at once, especially if you’re under pressure. Once you’ve figured out the level of responsibility you’re comfortable with, it’ll be that much easier for you to define your career goals.

Know that you can enjoy the job. Consider personal factors that will help you enjoy a working environment together with your colleagues. Once you find a job that suits your preferences, it will be harder for stress and anxiety to take a toll on you.

When describing your career goals, always be honest. (Don’t forget to frame your goals in a way that will be relevant to the job you are applying for.)

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