Interview Question: Are you the best person for the job? Why?

Are you the best person for the jobThis critical question should be handled carefully. It could make or break your chances of getting employed.

When asked this question, the hiring manager wants to know why you would be the better hire. Always have a concise sales pitch that gets your point across as to what you have to offer the employer.

What to Do

Before showing up to the interview, look at the job listing and write up a list of what the job requires of you. This includes personality traits, skills and qualifications. Match your qualifications to the job listing. Think of a specific time when you used your strongest traits to achieve something.

Figure Out Why You Want the Job

Know your short and long-term goals before showing up to the interview. This will help you gauge your abilities and decide whether you really can handle what the job will require of you. Doing this gives you more confidence.

How to Start

You can start answering by giving clear examples describing why your skills and background make you the perfect fit for the job. Provide examples of your accomplishments that reiterate your interest in the company.

Keep it Concise

Remember to keep your answer short and clear, no more than a minute or two long. That’s why it is important to choose only one or two qualities that will back your sales pitch up. State what you believe the employer is looking for and explain how you will be able to fulfill their needs.

Set Yourself Apart From Others

If you want to stand out, focus on a skill or two that you greatly excel in. Make sure these skills are relevant to the job you are applying for. This is your chance to show the employer why you are an invaluable employee.

Sell Yourself

Basically, it all boils down to how you sell yourself. Focus on the job description and construct your answer to detail your experience, skills, abilities and personality, and how they all fit the available position.

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Alan Carniol

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