Interview Question: Why are you leaving your present job?

Why are you leaving your present jobKnow how to answer this question in order to make a good impression.

This question can easily put you on the defensive, which is why it is such a challenging question to answer. Interviewers like this question because it reveals so much information about you.

You may be asked to elaborate on your answer if you choose to give a canned response. Refusing to explain further will be an immediate red flag.

To conquer this question, you must be diplomatic, professional, and take a forward-looking approach. Since the question can open a can of worms, it’s important to make sure you give a thoughtful answer.

Here’s what recruiters want to hear from you:

How well you get along with others. Employers want to know whether you’re leaving your present job because you have difficulty working as part of a team. Saying negative things about your colleagues or superiors is a sign that you can’t take directions easily.

Your prospective employer wants to know that you’re easy to get along with and that you’re supportive of your co-workers.

How aware you are in your working environment. Describe the working environment you thrive in. Let’s say you’re looking for a more challenging environment —Make sure to get your point across by saying what type of environment you need to use your skills efficiently.

Whether you speak poorly of your employer. It’s not a wise move to blame your current employer for your dissatisfaction. No recruiter wants to hear a potential candidate badmouthing others.

Your enthusiasm for the job. Make your answer short to avoid rambling. Make sure to focus on what’s ahead of you and not on what you’re leaving behind.

How determined you are in climbing the corporate ladder. Employers usually admire those who want to advance their careers and get ahead. They can make a bigger contribution and help other departments at the same time.

Now that you know what an employer really wants to know, take these tips and draft an answer that will put you ahead of the pack.

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Alan Carniol

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