Feb, 2015

Job Seeker’s Weakest Link: Interview Follow-Up

Job Seekers Weakest LinkFollow-up after interviews should never be forgotten — they are essential to the job searching process.

You know how to tweak your resume and answer tough interview questions, but the learning doesn’t stop there. Now is the perfect time to find out how to follow-up after the interview.

Once you have been invited to an interview, it means that the company is interested in hiring you. However, there are a couple of things you may want to do after the interview to help you land the job.

To boost your chances of getting employed, here’s how to follow up after your interview:

Ask for a time frame. Always make sure that you know what the next steps are in the process before leaving the interview. Doing this keeps you from getting frustrated when you don’t hear back from the company. When granted permission, feel free to make a follow-up call. Get the interviewer’s information beforehand.

Express your appreciation. Sending a real thank you via snail mail shouldn’t be hard to do. Putting in an extra effort to explain why you’re interested in the job will make a statement and put you above the rest of the candidates. You can also address a challenged mentioned during the interview by providing a suggestion to it.

You may not like the idea of writing a thank you note, but adding a personal touch will make the interviewer remember your interest and communication skills.

Don’t give up too soon. If you think your interviewer looks somehow disengaged during the interview, don’t feel helpless. You can always pause and ask the interviewer if there are questions about your last answer. Doing this helps you understand that the interviewer’s lack of interest may have nothing to do with you.

If the interviewer says you aren’t right for the job, don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation. You can also ask if he or she can refer you to another job you may be a perfect match for. You can stay in touch with the interviewer via LinkedIn as a great opportunity to build new connections.

You Can’t Please Everyone

It’s important to accept the fact that you will not be a perfect fit for every job or company out there. If you aren’t hired by the interviewer, think of it as an opportunity to establish professional relationships through your connection.

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