Dec, 2014

5 Words and Phrases to Forget During a Job Interview

Words and Phrases to Forget During a Job Interview These five words and phrases can make or break your job interview. Read on to find out why.

Going into a job interview well prepared is a must. It’s also important to be careful of what you say in an interview. Blurting out one or two wrong words can kill the momentum you’ve built.

Avoid these five words and phrases at all cost during any stage of an interview:

“Obsessed.” Obsessed can mean an intense, passionate emotion, but saying this word during a job interview may reflect an image that you’re not a well-rounded individual. In a business environment, it can suggest that it’s quite hard for others to get along with you, or even that you find it hard to fit in.

Instead, say that you are passionate, captivated by, immersed in, or simply hooked by the industry.

“And whatnot.” Fillers won’t benefit you. They can’t make your statement sound more professional and don’t demonstrate anything of substance. Hiring managers often look for candidates that are articulate. To come across well, make sure to simplify your statements by getting straight to the point.

Rather than relying on filler, silence is your friend. (This is where interview practice can really make a difference.)Cut out unnecessary words and you’ll sound like a true professional.

@#$%*! Cursing has no place in an interview. Even if the interviewer has a dirty mouth, keep your composure and speak like a professional. You can get your point across without foul language.

This is another issue where interview practice can be a great help. Write out responses to interview questions as you practice to increase your awareness.

“No.” This simple word can be dangerous, especially when you are asked to do or describe something. You can turn a situation into a positive experience by being optimistic in your approach.

“Because of the economy.” Blaming the economy for your unemployment is not acceptable in an interview. The hiring manager is there to potentially offer you a job — blaming the economy or any other ambiguous source won’t work to your advantage.

If you find yourself going into this mental space, think outside the box. There are always positive steps one can take to get out of a difficult circumstance. And your creative thinking can impress those looking to hire good people.

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