Feb, 2015

5 Effective Tips for Instant Interview Success

Tips for Instant Interview SuccessMaking a fantastic impression doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to make the meeting flow like a natural conversation by preparing the right way.

Let’s face it. Preparing for an interview doesn’t usually make the list of most people’s favorite things to do.

However, making an effort to prepare will have a greater impact on your career options. Here are five tips to help make the interview easier:

Show up in the office five minutes ahead of the appointed time. This does not mean parking five minutes before getting in. Strive to arrive at the office or suite door five minutes before your appointment.

However, do not walk into the office more than five minutes early. Keep in mind that not all companies have a huge lobby or waiting area. You may run into your interviewer ahead of time and may make him or her feel obligated to start your meeting earlier than planned.

If you arrive earlier than planned, feel free to hang outside the building to kill time. This will give you a few more minutes to calm your nerves and ensure that you don’t impose on your interviewer.

Leave the coffee. No matter how normal it is for you to hold a coffee cup in your hand wherever you go, don’t ever think of bringing a beverage to the interview. Instead, keep a small bottle of water inside your bag out of sight in order to soothe your dry, pasty interview mouth.

Dress like a pro. Always look professional in order to make a positive impact. This doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive outfits. You can shop smart and select clothing, accessories and makeup that fit the culture you hope to work in. (Don’t forget an appropriate — and neat — hairstyle.)

Ask questions before the interview to find out how to be best dressed and make the best possible impression.

Make sure the clothes fit you well, and iron them properly to remove wrinkles. Keep your eyes open for any stains. Aim to look modern and classy at the same time.

Arrive prepared. Do not forget to bring a pen, notebook, several resume copies and a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Make sure your resume is neat and unfolded when handed in. Feel free to jot important notes during the meeting to give you both a break from staring at each other. This will also give you a chance to glance at the notes you’ve prepared.

Have a give-and-take conversation. Be prepared to discuss the company, the role, your background, trends in the industry or any events that may impact the interviewer. This will help her realize how engaged you are as a potential employee.

Use these tips for an instant boost in your next interview.

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