Nov, 2019

Essential and Appropriate Outfits for Job Interviews

Essential and Appropriate Outfits for Job InterviewsPersonal interviews are a critical aspect of the job search process. It’s an important step taken by companies to filter through their applicants and make sure they hire the person who’s 100% fit for the job. It’s also a perfect venue for jobseekers to showcase their skills and connect with their potential new company. Because the importance of one on one interviews cannot be discounted, it’s only imperative that you come prepared for this event. However, besides doing research and rehearsing for the possible questions, there’s also one important thing to consider if you want to ace your interview - your outfit.


What you wear during the interview can help make or break the hiring manager’s impression of you and because you want to make sure you make the right impression the moment you step in, here are the essential and appropriate things you should wear for a job interview.

Professional tops
A button down shirt is typically worn during job interviews because it looks formal and is appropriate for both men and women. Choose a top that is of good quality, conservative and at the same time comfortable. The last thing you want is to be uneasy with your clothing as it might cause a distraction and affect your confidence. You may also pair it up with a cardigan or blazer that’s also formal-looking. Choose neutral colors and if you’re wearing a printed one, make sure that the patterns are simple.

Formal pants or skirt
Women can opt to wear a skirt or pants during an interview but if they opt for a skirt, it should be of the right length and not too short. When it comes to pants, both men and women shouldn’t be wearing denims. Navy slacks or khaki pants are more acceptable for a more professional look.

Also, if your top is a bit longer, consider having it tucked in into your skirt or pants to avoid looking casual or untidy.

Closed-toe Shoes

When it comes to shoes, black or brown closed-toe shoes are more appropriate. As much as possible, veer away from wearing bright-colored shoes, sneakers, stilettos or strappy, casual sandals. Make sure it’s simple, clean and formal.

A lot of jobseekers make the mistake of taking their footwear for granted. What they don’t know is that it means a lot to how they look overall and impact the impression they leave behind. Be sure not to let your shoes affect your confidence and professional look.

Who says you can’t accessorize for a job interview? You certainly can elevate your look by using simple and professional-looking accessories and jewelries. Select the pieces that resonate your personality but at the same time, the ones that are not too distracting and chunky. The important thing is that these pieces go well together and can be incorporated into your corporate look.

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