Jun, 2018

Clever Interview Gimmicks that Won the Job

Clever interview gimmicks that won the jobWe've all heard one or two of those crazy job interview stories, where the candidate did something strange/bold/creative and landed the job.
Like the guy who brought his guitar to the interview, sat down, and proceeded to sing a song (which he wrote himself) about why he was the best candidate for the job. (He got it.)
Or the woman who sent a customized Barbie doll to Mattel, along with her resume. (She got the job too.)

Or the man who sent a shoe with his CV, so that he could "get his foot in the door". (He also landed the role, as far as I know.)
These are all fun stories. They have all the makings of an urban legend.
However, here's the thing:
These lucky candidates were the exception rather than the rule.
In the real world, for most of us, cute/wacky gestures like those above do not land you the job. Especially if you're applying to "grown-up" jobs.
Forget funny gimmicks. You don't need them anyway.
Just give the interviewers what they're looking for -- clear and unapologetic signs that you are the dream candidate they've been hoping to find.
And how do you do that?
Simple. First, you need to find X specific items of information on the hiring company's website. This information tells you what the interviewers will be looking for when they scan your resume and invite you in to interview. Second, you need to put together a selection of "go to" interview answers that will provide you with the "raw material" you need to give perfect answers to 99% of the questions an interviewer will ever fire at you.
That's the formula to acing your next interview.
Now, obviously, there are some details you need to know in order to do both those things. For example, you need to know what those specific information items are, that I mentioned above. You also need to know how to interpret that information, and fill in some of the blanks.
And, when you know what the hiring manager is looking for in their dream candidate, you need to know how to "read between the lines" of all common interview questions and figure out what the purpose for each question is.
(Some questions are intended to dig out details that reveal your character; others are used to trip up weak candidates so they eliminate themselves.)
These details are all in Interview Success Formula.

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