Mar, 2020

Top 3 Interview Questions When Applying for a Retail Job

Top 3 Interview Questions When Applying for a Retail JobOne of the best things about retail industries is the fact that they offer a wide range of job opportunities. Regardless of your educational background or work experience, there will always be a position where you’ll perfectly fit in the world of retail. In fact, a retail job entails a number of benefits such as flexible schedule, opportunities to work with more people, more opportunities for career growth, learning important skills in customer service, to name a few. And what does these things mean? This means that you have to consider yourself fortunate to land yourself a career in the retail industry.


But if you’re still trying to make your way through and are scheduled for an interview, it’s imperative that you come in prepared enough to be able to stand out. Ace your upcoming interview and get your answers ready for the following possible questions!

Why do you want to work for our brand?
This question is something that is to be expected in almost every single one of the retail interviews. Besides the fact that hiring managers are interested to know what made you decide to apply, this question also helps them gauge whether or not you’ve done your research. Of course, their goal is to hire someone who is aligned with the brand of the company as well as its vision and core values.

When you answer this question, be sure to exhibit knowledge of the company and specific brand you are applying for.

How do you understand good customer service?
Ultimately, good customer service is about being able to listen to your customer and going out of your way to make sure their needs are attended to and addressed. It’s being able to empathize with them in times when they are frustrated.

When you answer this question, be sure that these things are highlighted. Any retail company would want to make sure all their employees have a good grasp of what a good customer service is about.

Do you use or buy their product?
This is a tricky question because it’s difficult to fake an answer when you don’t genuinely shop at their brand. If you are truly using their product, you can elaborate on the reason why you love the product and be very specific about it. On the other hand, if you’re not using it, remember that it’s better to be honest than lie about it. You can tell them how much you want or are interested in their product but you have this or that reason. For example, you can tell them you have kids so most of your budget goes to food. Then, don’t forget to mention that you have been looking forward to trying it out soon.

A job in the retail industry is a lucrative career. Therefore, when you get the chance to land a spot, it’s important to give it your best shot and not let the chance pass you by. Ace your interview and land a job in the world of retail by heeding these pieces of advice!

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